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Official Name: The Republic of Maldives
Common Name: Maldives
Location: Indian Ocean
Area: 90,000 sq km (including 1% land area)
Number of Islands: 1,190
Capital: Malé
Population: 300,000
Official Language: Dhivehi
Second Language: English
Government: Democratic
Justice System: The Maldives Constitution based on Islamic Sharia
Head of State: President
Religion: Islam
Economy / Industry: Tourism, fishing and shipping
Major Exports: Tuna and reef fish
Major Imports: Consumer goods, capital goods and petroleum
National Flag: A green rectangle with a red border and a white crescent at the centre.
National Emblem: Comprises a coconut palm, a crescent and a star, two national flags and the
State title.
National Tree: Coconut Palm
National Flower: Pink Rose
Independence Day: 26th July
Republic Day: 11th November
Currency: Rufiyaa or MRF (notes); 1 MRF equals 100 Laari (coins)
Exchange Rate: MRF12.85 per USD
Local Time: GMT +5 hours
Business Hours: Government offices: 0730 – 1430 Banks: 0800 – 1330
Weekly Holidays: Friday and Saturday
International Airport: International Airport located in the island of Hulhule
Domestic Airports: 4
Seaports: 1
Climate: Tropical
Temperature: 25 degrees C. (Min) and 32 degrees C. (Max)
Average Annual Rainfall: 1869 mm
Television Channels: 1 (TVM)
Radio Stations: 2 (1449 KHz MW and 104 MHz FM)
Electricity: 240 volts, 50 Hz
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