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Big Game fishing in the Maldivian waters can be one of the most unforgettable adventures of a lifetime for keen fishermen and first-timers alike.

The islands of the Maldives form a ridge which shelves steeply to the depths of the Indian Ocean. The coral atolls boast one of the greatest concentrations and diversities of sea life found on earth-big billfish are caught within meters of the tourist resorts. The fishing methods in the Maldives are interesting to watch, and bait less fishing is the most fascinating among them.

Fish caught during game fishing varies according to the weather. The Maldives, a country that straddles the equator, remains sunny almost all year around. There are two main seasons, however, - the South West Monsoon and the North East Monsoon. The South West Monsoon, which usually starts in May and continues until August, is the rainy season. Bad weather in the Maldives is not common but the varying temperatures can affect the underwater currents and consequently the movements of fish.

Please note that sport fishing only allows the tag and release method. It is prohibited to hunt dolphins, whales, whale sharks and such large marine mammals with harpoon guns or other means. Also forbidden are fishing and/or possession of black coral, conches, giant clams, berried and small lobsters and turtles.

You can find different varieties of fishes in the waters of Maldives. Night fishing is suitable for special varieties of fish like groupers, snappers, emperors, jacks, squirrel fish and other types of reef fishes.

What Includes:-
-Soft Drinks
-BBQ Dinner from the fresh catch
-Basic Fishing Gear

Big Game fishing takes 3 hours
Fishing tour is subject to weather permission!

For More informtion, please call +960 330 0011 or mail to info@crossasiatravel.com
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