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    Location:Across Maldives
    Total No of Rooms:10
    Capacity& rooms:
  Deluxe Room 
    Duration:7 Days


The Diving school on board will produce a diving guide for the enthusiasts who require inheriting information on diving activities. The school is equipped with modern facilities and is employed with PADI International certified diving instructors and dive masters who will assist you in your desired activities. It offers customized diving packages for individual and group requirement.

Cruising / Surfing Cruising and Surfing arrangements are made based on request and surfing locations are chosen subject to weather conditions and of your identified locations (if any). A local guide will guide you all the way, in case of surfing requirements. Guests who go for surfing should get onboard prior to 1700hrs for safety requirements. The boat will not take any responsibility for guests who fail to adhere to said timings. As scheduled in the program the boat will sail at 1730hrs for designated location of anchorage.

Traditional Fishing Traditional fishing (for fishes like the skipjack, tuna and bonito) is the lifeline of the Maldives. For centuries it has been the biggest part of the livelihood of Maldivian people. It has - and still does determine the rhythm of life in the Maldives.

With over 99 percent of the total area of the Maldives consisting of water, the country boasts some of the best fishing grounds in the world. The fish stock of the Maldives includes over a thousand species, some of which are indigenous to the Maldives.

For those interested in doing fishing.. fishing gears will be provided free of charge. Usually big game fishing is done on Safari by a method of trawling.
Hotel Features
      Beach Volly
      Safe at Reception
      Basic Fishing Gear
      Snorkeling Gear
      Diving Dhoani
      Sun Deck
      Playing Cards
Location Description
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