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If you love a pot-pourri of exotic experiences in Maldives, donít miss one of those Dolphin safaris that your resort can arrange for you. Enjoy the luxury of air conditioned cabins with attached toilets and a variety of modern amenities including dining room and sundeck, bar and board games, music, TV and video, and much more. Indulge in your choice of sporting and leisure activities that include fishing and island-hopping, surfing and snorkelling, visiting resorts and desert islands and a beach barbecue.

Divers and scuba divers took pride until recently as the most privileged to enjoy the magical underworld in the Maldivian waters. But not anymore, with the Whale Submarine now in place, you can relax in the air conditioned ambience along with your beloved ones as the submarine slowly descends to the bottom of the ocean, and get an enchanting and unforgettable view of the rare treasures of the deep. The German-built vessel, with an impressive cent percent safety record, will take you about 100 feet below and let you see the marvels of the unique coral reef gardens and multi-hued marine life. In Maldives, you can never afford to miss this incredible undersea excursion that few tourists across the world ever get to experience.

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