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Resort islands as well as live-aboard cruise vessels offer a range of excursions to suit your taste.

Full day: If you have a whole day to spend on an excursion, go for a guided tour that takes you to three types of islands-–a resort, an uninhabited island and an inhabited one. This package will get you an assortment of activities including swimming and suntan, fishing and snorkelling. And you will never forget the barbecue on an evening at a fishing village or virgin island. To pep up your pleasure, you will even get to do some exotic shopping besides looking at some historical spots.

Half day: If you prefer a shorter trip, we can take you on a half-day excursion to one of those marvellous Maldivian islands having a resort or hotel. That’s where you can see the simple life of the islanders, some cultural and historical sites, and buy some unique souvenirs that you can carry back home for memorable keepsakes. The enchanting beauty of the island and environs will no doubt tempt to you stretch that half-day to the sunset or beyond.

Excursions may include any or all of the following, depending on your time and inclination:

  1. Island-hopping tours
  2. Aerial excursions
  3. Capital outings
  4. Fishing tours
  5. Swimming
  6. Diving excursion

Island-hopping tours can take you on an odyssey around the fascinating Maldivian islands. It needs either half a day or a full day with a night halt at a fishing village or uninhabited island. At an inhabited island, you will gain a closer insight into local life and get to see how the fisher folk work and play. The pristine beauty of an uninhabited island can make you relive the experience of a Robinson Crusoe and the pleasures of solitude and seclusion. If you prefer better privacy, you can hire a speedboat or the local dhoni for your island hopping excursion.

Aerial excursions give you the rare opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of the Maldivian islands, seas and reef gardens. Such excursions also offer diving and other leisure activities apart from aerial sightseeing.

Capital outing: Never miss one of the most favourite excursions of tourists––a visit to Malé, the capital island. It offers not only several sightseeing attractions but gives you a gala opportunity to indulge in an exotic spell of shopping for some of the rarest and most wonderful things you can ever get. It could take you no more than half a day, or a full day at best if you are an avid shopper.

You might start off after breakfast or lunch, usually by a speedboat or dhoni, and soon reach the smallest capital city in the world. It is a cute, clean and happening town, bustling with life against the backdrop of soaring skyscraper complexes and other marvels of technology. Malé houses over a quarter of the Maldivian population and has a high traffic density on its well-laid roads. It is truly a shopper’s paradise come true.

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