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   Maldives offers a rich variety of natural beauty at its best with innumerable treasures hidden away in the azure seas and sun-filled islands. A safari tour might just be the right thing for  you to go out and relish this unique experience that no place on earth can  get you. But do make sure that you have a competent safari operator  and guide to plan and personalise your Maldivian safari. Cross Asia Travel  can do that for you, helping you decide the destinations closest to your  heart and the best of safari camps and lodges, and guiding you with all  the pre-tour information, local lore and contacts that you need to know. We will tie up with specialist safari consultants who will make all  arrangements necessary to make your safari trips most comfortable and  enjoyable. With our passion for service excellence and customer delight, we will work out the best of offers with discounted rates for your customised safari tour.

Live-aboard cruise: The live-aboard trip on a cruise vessel is a uniquely interesting experience that you will get to enjoy in Maldives. You will remember it as a ‘safari’ even though you will never come across the typical African wilderness among the Maldivian seas. A range of activities and water sports such as diving and snorkelling, island hopping and fishing will add that extra flavour to your safari experience, not to mention the most delicious dishes and culinary delights that you get to relish onboard.

Cruising can make you a connoisseur of nature’s beauty at its best and let you carry the sweetest of memories from Maldives that you will cherish all through your life––the blue seas and beautiful lagoons, white sandy beaches and verdant green, the rich flora and fauna, radiant reefs and ravishing sunsets, azure skies on the distant horizon with a bevy of seabirds skimming the cool air around, the pristine glory of the palm-fringed islands. And as you dine on the deck with the starry sky above, the gentle waters lapping around, and a cool breeze wafting the island air, the cabin crew will help you with a fill of the choicest delicacies including the special barracuda and tuna, fresh fruits and salads.

It is important that you board the right vessel to make sure you have a relaxing and refreshing safari, and not a breakneck holiday. We will help you find one. Cruise vessels come in different sizes and designs, as also the menu of services available. They range from the modest local yacht called ‘Dhoni’ to the large and luxurious live-aboard carriers with many rooms, restaurants and modern amenities on par with the best or resorts. The cuisine you get on cruisers is delightfully diverse, with a choice of international menus or interesting local delicacies.

Cruises are available for tourist groups of 4 to 6 and 10 to 12, while larger vessels have a passenger capacity of up to 22. Look for the spacious ones with good toilets and other liveaboard amenities. Most of the reputed cruise safari operators have enough equipment and spares as well as safety systems. They also provide the services of expert diving instructors and great chefs, most of them speaking a number of languages including English, German, Italian and Japanese. It is best to travel light when cruising. The right food can matter most on a holiday. So be sure about your choice of menu, and cut out some of that extra spicy cuisine if you prefer.

   Getting into a live-aboard cruise is a unique way to be entertained and enthralled by the beauty of the many  Maldivian islands and to experience a wholly different and local way of  life. All liveaboard cruise vessels are built to meet the highest regulatory  standards in terms of safety and living comfort. Most are well equipped  with air conditioned cabins and lounges, sun decks and restaurants, bar  and videos, and noiseless generators. They will also provide you with  necessary diving kit including compressors and oxygen cylinders so you  get a chance to dive at one of those world-famous dive sites. You will be thrilled with the sight of the glistening beaches and the sparkling sea, and the occasional frolicking of a lovely school of dolphins. And as you lie on the deck by night and gaze at the countless stars twinkling above, you will experience the timeless beauty of the marvellous nature all around you in Maldives.

Most cruisers focus on the central atolls situated to the north or south of Malé. That’s where you have some of the famously known dive spots, and where you can get the best of tourist services. Many Virgin Islands and fishing villages are located among these atolls, where you can enjoy your dream holiday in tranquillity, away from the crowds and hurly-burly of modern civilisation. If you intend to move around extensively and explore the countryside, it might be a good idea to opt for a safari boat. They are small, modest and locally made, but come with most amenities and safety kit to make your travel enjoyable and relaxed.

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