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Maldives is a string of islands set in the Indian Ocean, and so there is no way to reach here by land. The Maldivian waters will heartily welcome you if you take the sea route and choose to land by your own boat well equipped with GPS and other modern navigation tools. You will be spellbound by the fascinating sight of the glowing islands on the horizon and the warm hospitality and comforts that seafarers have enjoyed over the centuries past.

As the airport island of Hulhule is geographically separated from Malé, transfer to the capital can only be done by sea using a seaplane, speedboat or the dhoni, a traditional Maldivian boat mechanised to transport passengers faster. A round-the-clock ferry service using dhoni is available from Hulhule airport jetty to the capital every 15 minutes (every 30 minutes after midnight). Ferry charges are currently @USD1.00 per person normally and USD2.00 at midnight and after. If you prefer, you can also charter a dhoni for transfer at a specified rate. Please check with the ferry terminal at the airport jetty for current rates.

With water all around the islands of Maldives, water transport is the most common mode of movement for islanders and visitors alike. Maldivian ferries called ‘dhoni’ are wooden boats made locally but fitted with motors for moving faster. They come in different sizes and the larger ones can carry up to 40 passengers and reach Malé airport in about 15 minutes. Speedboats are much faster, and can take you there in about five minutes. Smaller speedboats have a capacity of up to 7 passengers.

Maldivian islands are so small that transport usually poses no problem. You will enjoy exploring the islands mostly on foot. Nonetheless if you prefer, you can also use bicycles, motorbikes, and taxis on hire in the capital.
Local transport within Maldives is mainly through the dhoni, a traditional vessel now mostly powered by a diesel engine. Visitors may remain on their resort island during their stay. But if you love to move around, short island-hopping trips can be done by ferries.
For longer trips to outlying atolls, larger boats (vedis) are available. Remember to obtain necessary permits for such trips through your tour operator.
Maldivian Air Taxi and Trans Maldivian Airways operate special air transfer trips to resorts. Seaplanes are also available to visit some of the more remote islands. Your tour or resort agent can usually arrange such air transport through chartered flights.

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